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Chilton Manuals

Chilton's Ford Engine Overhaul Manual: Ford V8 Engine Rebuilding Manual (Chilton's Total Service Series, No 8793) by Chilton
272 pages
Reviewer: (Reston, Virginia)
Great explanation of engine teardown, machining, parts selection, cleaning and assemble. Good information on improvements. Well worth the price.

Chilton's Repair Manual: Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz 1984-92 : All U.S. and Canadian Models of Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz Gasoline and Diesel Engines (Chilton's Repair Manual (Model Specific)) by Neil Leonard
321 pages
Reviewer: A reader
As a Diesel Tempo owner, I was disappointed by this book, but am finding it BARELY sufficient for my projects. In order to complete any project, be prepared to read, and reread this book several times just to find all the relevant information for any given job, as it is necessary to be VERY familiar with this book due to the lack of cross referencing. Many of the steps are vague, and indeed some steps are omitted, ie in order to remove the dash, there is no mention made of having to remove much of the trim, or how that would be done, the illustrations neglect to mention SEVERAL screws, with no helpful hints on removal (for instance the three screws on the top of the dash near the bottom of the windshield which must be removed with a flexible shaft extension if you don't feel like removing the windshield), and merely stating "disconnect the electrical connections" doesn't quite cut it, especially for the first timer. The parts lists are also incomplete, and very confusing, as some parts are listed twice (Quick Start System Control Unit - Glow plug with the Mazda part# = Module - Glow plug Control with the Ford part#, or, like the pre-glow and after-glow relays, are listed only as a switch - glow plug (even the main diesel tech at Ford Service Dept. didn't know that they were the same thing). While much is left to guesswork and - because its a Ford - wild and loose imagination, if you are reasonably handy with a wrench, and into spending a few days pondering how to get at this part or wondering if this is the actual part (The name on the Glow plug control module (Ford's listing name) was Q.G.S Controller DC12V, the wiring diagram called it Diesel Control Module, the number stamped on it didn't match the parts list under either aforementioned name (Ford - E4EE 12M092 AA, Mazda - RF10 18 701A), and none of the other little black boxes under the left side of the dash had any relevant numbers on them either...) and you can't find the Haynes for your car, then this book is a necessity (as it is for me), so buy it, and trade the money you saved on the work your doing yourself for the hassle of doing it the Chiltons way.
Haynes Manuals

The Haynes Ford Engine Overhaul Manual: The Haynes Automotive Repair Manual for Overhauling Ford V8 Engines (Hayne's Automotive Repair Manual) by John H. Haynes
275 pages

Haynes Diesel Engine Repair Manual: General Motors & Ford (Haynes Automotive Repair Manual Series) by Ken Freund, John Haynes
Covers GM 350 cu in (5.7 liter) & 379 cu in (6.2 liter) Ford 420 cu in (6.9 liter) 445 cu in (7.3 liter) and 445 cu in (7.3 liter Power Stroke)
Reviewer: GSHADEL (Central Ohio)
This manual only covers very basic, simple repair, mostly common sense stuff. Seems like every time I get to a section where I really need a manual, I run into the phrase "this service is best left to a professional diesel mechanic", instead of any constructive information.

Rebuilding and Tuning Ford's CVH Engine by Peter Wallage, John Wallage
192 pages

Haynes Diesel Tech Book Engine Repair Manual: General Motors & Ford (Haynes automotive repair manual series) by Ken Freund
No review available

Ford 16 and 1.5 Diesel Engine (Haynes Service and Repair Manual Series)
No review available

Ford 2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 Litre Diesel Engine ('77 to '90) (Service and Repairs)
No review available
Other Manuals

How to Rebuild Ford Engines V8: Covers All Makes & Models : 351C, 351M, 400, 429, 460 by Tom Monroe
160 pages, up to 1980
Reviewer: A reader Engine rebuilding is only as good as your attention to detail, and this book walks you through your rebuild step by step. I have owned my copy of this book almost twelve years, and I consider it one of the best automotive books I have. Do not try to rebuild a Ford V-8 without this book by your side. I have rebuilt over 70 engines and I still find it useful.

How to Rebuild Small-Block Ford Engines by Tom Monroe
160 pages
Reviewer: Benedict Chong (San Jose, CA USA)
I built a 351W from a long block kit with the help of this book. And the engine ran the first time! The book points out many of the little parts that you need but which are not advertised in catalogs or magazines. Some parts guys at the local Ford dealership did not even know what some of the parts were. But you need them, all the same.

How to Rebuild Big Block Ford Engines by Steve Christ
160 pages, does not include 385 or 460
Reviewer: A reader
If you own a Ford car or truck which has a big block FE engine you need to have this book. This text is absolute in its coverage of all technical specs found throughout the successful history of this legendary engine series. Included are idiot proof step by step procedures for the entire overhual of a big block Ford, as well as very exciting narative on the racing history of these NASCAR dominating monsters. There are also chapters on engine diagnoses which are so well written and useful, that any owner of an older engine would do well to read. Excellent for any Ford, musclecar, or car repair buff.

How to Build Max Performance 4.6 Liter Ford Engines by Sean Hyland
128 pages

High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange (S-a Design) by George Reid, George Read
158 pages
Reviewer: Erich Weinfurter (Baton Rouge, LA USA)
Even with a publishing date of 1999, most of the information is about pre-1980 Ford Engines. For anyone working on 1986 to 1995 Ford 302's there is little information. Many of the Spac. tables end prior to 1975. For me rebuilding a 1995 5.0L to a 1986 Mustang GT, not much help.

Rebuilding and Tuning Ford's Kent Crossflow Engine by Peter Wallage, Valerie Wallage
192 pages
Reviewer: A reader
covers all critical areas for repairing or modifying the Kent motor. Good research. Photographs are excellent.

Lotus Twin-Cam Engine: A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Development, Restoration and Maintenance of the Lotus-Ford Twin-Cam Engine by Miles Wilkens
223 pages
Reviewer: A reader
The definitive work on Lotus twin cam engines. I used it to rebuild (and re-engineer) a motor for a 74 Europa. I've seen no other documentation - including the Lotus shop manuals - that have more and better detail than Wilkens' book.

How to Rebuild Your 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 Ohc Ford by David Vizard
160 pages

How to Build and Modify Ford 60 Degrees V-6 Engines (Motorbooks International Powerpro) by Sven Pruett
160 pages
Reviewer: (Reston, Virginia)
Great explanation of teardown, cleaning, machining, parts selection, and mods. Covers V-6 engines in '70-'77 Mustang II & Capri, and '84 - '90 Bronco II, '84 - Present Ranger, all V-6 Explorers, all V-6 Mazda Navajos, and 4.0L Aerostar. A great source of info for decision of rebuild or swap to larger engine. Great resource. Must have for 2.8 and 2.9 V-6 do-it-yourselfers!

High Performance Small Block Ford Engines: The Best of Hot Rod Magazine (Hod Rod Technical Library, Volume 6) by Cartech Inc, Hot Rod Magazine
112 pages
Reviewer: Ted J. Welch (Sacramento, CA USA)
A great informational on Ford Hi-Performance Engines. Hot-Rod Magazine pulls together a wealth of past techincal information printed in Hot Rod Magazine. A great way to keep the best of tech information without keeping a cloest of past issues.

Ford Tuning Secrets Revealed by Ivan J. Kotzig, et al
Reviewer: A reader
Kotzig's book is easy to read and gives a novice like me the will to look into that little mystery box without fear of opening Pangora's Box. My fear of making a little change that would be permanently disasterous is, for the most part, erased; however, a little element of fear isn't a bad thing. I've been an owner of Fords for thirty years, and now I feel like I'm starting on a new adventure with an outstanding, detailed roadmap. Kudos to Kotzig!

Ford 351C and Boss 351 (Musclecar and Hi-Po Engine Series) by R.M. Clarke
Hot Rod reports on the Ford & Mercury small block "Clevelands" of the 70's. Covering: Affordable performance, 351C Tune-up, Bolt-ons for the Boss 600hp 351, NASCAR preparation, AK Miller's & Bud Moore's power secrets

Ford 289, 302, Boss 302 & 351W (Hot Rod on Great American Engines Series) by R.M. Clarke
Hot Rod reports on the Ford small block V-8s during the 60s & 70s. Covering: 351W Hop-up, Bolt on HP, Parts for Boss 302, 400hp 289, Modifying the 289, Factory performance, 500hp 302, Boss 289, History

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