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Free Personal Watercraft and Boat ads for all of North America!

To place your free personal watercraft or boat ad here on PWC Texas, email the following information to
I looked into using an automated system, and decided not to. I can improve search engine rankings and help you sell your boat faster by doing it manually, your ad will usually be online in 12 hours or less.

Your email and/or your phone number will normally be put in your ad, but we do not keep, use or sell a mailing list. Spammers are scum! If you are concerned about spam the best thing to do is to get a temporary email address with yahoo or hotmail, or ask that your phone number only be included.

Include all this required information at the beginning of your email: Ad requests without all required info will not be posted.
Your Name, last name is not required.
Year model, required
Make, required
Model, required
Length, required for boats
Asking price, required
Location, city and state, required
Your email address, required
Your phone number, required

Engine size in cc's, number of cylinders, 2 or 4 stroke
Trailer included?
Condition and anything else you want to say about this PWC or Boat

If you would like to add pictures to your ad (and pictures help sell anything) Email David at and attach or insert up to 5 jpg picture files. Send ONLY jpg picture files, no other formats accepted, no zip files, no word docs, no photobucket, no "photo sharing" sites. Unlike most free classified sites, you can send them larger than 480 pixel width, I will size them to fit the ad and reduce the file size for faster display. If you can send them with a width of 640 pixels that is best.

That's all you have to do, you will receive a confirmation email with the ID code for your ad so you can make changes or remove your ad whenever you want. Your ad will run for 3 months. When you reduce the price by $100 or more your ad will return to the top of the For Sale list and will again run for 3 months.

You cannot buy a classified ad on PWC Texas, and you cannot let your ad run forever at the same price. Each ad is dated so people will know how recent your ad is, and when you reduce the price they will know what date you last reduced it. Reducing your price is a huge incentive, people love buying things on sale! To get the actual value of your ski or boat, start with what you think is a fair price, or maybe a little high, then drop the price $100 once a month until it sells. Above all, be honest. Dealers are welcome to sell their used skis and boats here, but they follow the same rules as everyone else. I have dealers for new skis.

If you are uncertain what your ski or boat is worth, visit our PWC Photo/Spec Gallery to see skis similar to yours and what sellers were asking for theirs. People rarely tell me what their ski actually sold for, remember people often sell for less than they ask for.