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Marine Diesel Manuals, Books and reviews

Marine Diesel Manuals for all manufacturors. Buy them here at reduced prices.

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Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair by Nigel Carter
Reviewer: Terje Viken (see more about me) from Floroe Norway
As a new boatowner knowing next to nothing about engines this book has helped me identify key parts of my own engine and explain what their functions are. The book provides clear troubleshooting procedures (hope I will not need those since I intend to follow the suggested maintenance procedures instead) and information on how to diagnose different symptoms.
The book is covering basic engine parts, more in depth explanations of engine parts, fuel system, how to troubleshoot start problems, diagnosing different sounds and symptoms, maintenance and repair procedures (probably more than most of us will want to perform ourselves - like opening up cylinders and decarbonizing the engine). I especially liked the chapter about engine selection and installation which discussed various aspects of hull, engine, exhaust and transmission fittings.
Illustrations are good and applicable accross engine brands. Warning: The book kept me awake several nights because I had to check things the very next day after reading a chapter.

Troubleshooting Marine Diesels by Peter Compton
Reviewer: Paul Reuberson from Ringwood Hants UK
When you are looking for a simple explanation to a complicated set of directions you usually ask a friend, not in this case, just look at the book. I found Peter Compton's book a very helpful and interesting guide to trouble shooting your way out of a frustrating situation. I am teaching marine engineers and running courses for weekend sailors and would have no hesitation in urging them to buy a copy for their book shelf. The diagrams are first class and I use the book as an example to my students. Well done Peter for giving me the tools to make the job easier.

Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines by Paul Dempsey
Reviewer: Roger K. Mathura from Ste. Madeleine, Trinidad and Tobago This book is an excellent intro to Diesel engines, suitable for students of auto-mechanics, and do-it -yourselfers. It begins from basics, and goes all the way to the new electronic-controlled diesels. It shows systems from the major manufacturers, and includes small block designs. One drawback is the lack of color photos, but there are diagrams on every page. The book is worth its price.

Complete Guide To Diesel Marine Engines by John Fleming
Reviewer: John Gibbins from San Diego, California
For a decent hobby mechanic with a lot of experience with all types of gasoline engines but none with diesels this book was a goldmine of information for me. While it talks nothing of specific diesel engines, the theory of diesel engines, components and systems is explained in such clear, concise and easy to understand language that I couldn't put the book down. and that is a lot to be said for this type of book! The author doesn't let his extensive experience and understanding of theory get in the way of clear, concise explanations. This book is WONDERFUL!

Yanmar Inboards 1975-98 By Christopher Bishop, Chilton, Seloc
Reviewer: Bryan R. Cleveland from Miami, Florida
This is a well written manual that, for non-professionals, I would highly recommend over the "official" Yanmar shop manual (thought it doesn't hurt to have both). The Seloc manual is much easier to follow, the tasks are laid out in a 1-2-3 step by step format, and it is well illustrated, and comprehensive.

The Care & Repair of Small Marine Diesels by Chris Thompson
Reviewer: traderje from Cornfield
Jumps right in and gives the meat and potatos of marine diesel without bogging you down or talking beneath you. Has good humor and excellent diagrams. I read it cover to cover and it actually got me interested in the diesels.

Diesel Engines: A Boat Owner's Guide to Operation and Maintenance by Leo Block
From Independent Publisher
In this amply illustrated and straightforward guide, Leo Block, an old Navy hand, sets himself the formidable task of filling the gap between what you learn from your engine's owner's manual (almost nil) and what you find in the technician's service manual (far too much). It should be stressed that this book is not designed to teach the novice how to fix a broken diesel. The doit-yourself suggestions are strictly limited to the routine service procedures you'd find in the most cursory owner's manual: changing the lubricating oil, ensuring a clean fuel supply, replacing filters, bleeding air from oil lines, etc. The question arises, then, whether this book is filling a much-needed void. For pleasure boaters unsatisfied with a monkey-see-monkey-do approach to diesel maintenance, the answer is no. The value of this book, then, lies in its lucid explanation of the complex mechanical principles at work in diesel engines: the "why" behind the "do." While it won't turn you into a mechanic, it may just keep you from being conned the first time you sail into the yard for a tune-up.

Yanmar: I&t Shop Manual - Models Ym135, Ym135D, Ym155, Ym155D, Ym195, Ym195D, Ym240, Ym240D, Ym 330, Ym330D by Intertec
No Review available

Clymer Yanmar: Diesel Inboard Shop Manual: One, Two & Three Cylinder Engines
No review available

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