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Evinrude/Johnson Outboard Motor Manuals and reviews

Outboard Motor Manuals for all manufacturors. Buy them here at reduced prices.

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Evinrude/Johnson Outboard Shop Manual 48-235 Hp, 1973 1990 (Clymer Marine Repair Series) by Randy Stephens, Clymer
Reviewer: tom durst from Casper, Wyoming
Typical of Clymer outboard manuals-I have found this manual very useful. I'm not that mechanical and I appreciate the manual's attention to detail and for the numerous pictures and diagrams.

Evinrude/Johnson Outboard Shop Manual 48-235 Hp, 1973 1990 (Clymer Marine Repair Series) by Randy Stephens, Clymer
Reviewer: joe necerato from U.S.A.
I feel the book was written ok...just OK. I feel the biggest problem is that its too broad. Just when you are finally figuring out what your reading... its about the wrong engine size or year. I will have to admit that its probably as good as its going to get for a repair manual not bought from the dealer. Bottom line good for info, just not for a rebuild

Evinrude Johnson Outboard Shop Manual: 2-40 Hp 1973-1990 (Includes Electric Motors) by Randy Stephens
Reviewer: martin v tidswell from Houston, Texas
it showed me enough info and in a way i could understand. i had a small job (which got larger as i got into it)to do on my trusty old 8hp motor for my sailboat,and i found all the info i needed to take it apart and fix it and more important to put it back together again . i recommend this book to anyone who needs to do a job that they dont want to pay someone else to do, good photos help a lot.
Reviewer: A reader
This is an essential reference guide that cover a wide variety of outboard motors. It might not be specific enough for the more serious repairs, but is good enough to point you in the right direction. The trouble shooting section was informative and concise although I had a problem that was not listed.

Evinrude Johnson Outboard Shop Manual 1.5 to 125 Hp 1956-1970 by Ray Joy, et al
Reviewer: Daniel Jones from Milford, Michigan
I found this book to be a very good shop manual, as it includes most of the repair procedures anyone would want to perform. However, I found this book lacking in a couple of areas. For one, there is not a comprehensive troubleshooting section. Troubleshooting steps are given for a few systems, but this book is written only for service, so you have to know what is wrong and what part of the motor to work on before this book is useful. Also, much of the engine terminology is not defined, so again you need some experience with this before you start. Once you get past these hurdles, this manual is very detailed, with plenty of good pictures showing key steps in the repair proceedures. For the seasoned marine mechanic, this is an excellent reference. For the do-it-yourself boat owner, it might not be the place to start.

JOHNSON/EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS 1971-89 by Joan Coles, et al
Book Description
SELOC Marine maintenance and repair manuals offer the most comprehensive, authoritative information available for outboard, inboard, stern-drive and diesel engines, as well as personal watercraft. SELOC has been the leading source of how-to information for the marine industry since 1974. Designed and written to serve the needs of the professional mechanic, do-it-yourself boat enthusiast, instructor and student, these manuals are based on actual teardowns done by Chilton Marine∆s editors/authors in our on-site facility. Providing complete coverage on everything from basic maintenance to engine overhaul, every manual features:
-Simple-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated procedures
-Hundreds of exploded drawings, photographs and tables
-Troubleshooting sections, accurate specifications and wiring diagrams
-Recognized and used by technical trade schools as well as the U.S. military
-Covers all 1.25-60 Hp, 1 and 2-cylinder, 2-stroke models.

JOHNSON/EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS 1973-91 by Joan Coles, Clarence Coles, Seloc Publications
Reviewer: Mark A Etzler from Angola, Indiana
I bought this book expecting my 1990 Johnson 88HP engine to be covered. This book does not even list any 88 HP Johnson engines. I am very dissappointed with it.
Reviewer: A reader from USA
This book gives the bare minimum of information. The information recieved will direct you to another page/section where that information is incomplete. After all how can someone tuneup an engine without nomenclature/adjustment settings? I was expecting a lot more. Example;See illistration #4........There is no illistration #4!

JOHNSON/EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS 1956-1970 by Clarence W. Coles, Seloc, Joan Coles
Reviewer: Lanty E Ross from Provo, Utah
I ordered the Seloc Manual for the 1.5 to 40 HP Johnsons thinking it would probably be a nice companion to the "other" manual I already had. I was wrong - - the other one is nothing compared with this one. It gave me the know-how and confidence to go ahead and do major repairs as well as tune-ups etc. that I couldn't have done without it. It's just like having a master outboard repairman looking over my shoulder and giving me little hints and suggestions along the way. Lots of excellent photos, too which are extremely helpful. Totally recommended! I would actually give it 15 stars!

Evinrude/Johnson Outboard Shop Manual 2-300 Hp, 1991-1994/Includes Jet Drives and Sea Drives (Clymer Marine Repair Series)
Reviewer: -prometheus- from New Iberia, Louisiana
This book has more information than you will probably ever need. The book is organized very well and has plenty of pictures. The only downside is it fails to give you enough tips to make the job easier. For example: I used the book to replace my water pump housing on my 1993 70hp. It went into good detail about rebuilding the pump and removing the lower unit, but failed to tell you how to position the shifter rod so it would be easy to reconnect. Little things like this make a big difference to me. The troubleshooting section is first rate by the way.

Clymer Evinrude/Johnson: 2-Stroke Outboard Shop Manual: 85-300 1995-1998 (Includes Jet Drive Models) (Clymer Marine Repair Manuals)
Reviewer: James Marotta from Philadelphia
I purchased this book specifically to find out about the much maligned FICHT fuel injection system on my Johnson outboard. The FICHT system has had many recalls and I wanted to check up on it. Even though the cover shows a picture of a FICHT outboard and the year span of the book covers FICHT engines, I found no information. Whats up with that?

JOHNSON/EVINRUDE OUTBD VOL III 1958-1972 by Joan Coles, Clarence Coles, Seloc
Reviewer: ajwright64 from Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm afraid the authors, while seeming to desire catering to the novice, merely came across as condescending with their choice of phrasing. The book is not set up very intuitively, nor does it lend itself well to general troubleshooting. The troubleshooting offered is positioned in areas of focus that would be difficult to determine without considerable knowledge up front, as opposed to assisting in isolating a problem step-by-step. Further, instead of helping identify parts, etc., the authors seem to assume that you have a thorough overall knowledge of your particular motor, and offer no path to that information. In its defense, the book does go into great detail about disassembling and cleaning or rebuilding different devices and systems. But again, it doesn't help you determine problems, so who'd know what to disassemble? Sorry kids, but major thumbs down on this one.

Evinrude, Johnson and the Legend of OMC by Jeffrey L. Rodengen
Reviewer: Garry W. Spencer from Tampa, Florida
It is hard to write about a company with roots 90 years in the past and not have it be a Legend. The Evinrude and Johnson Families were pioneers in an era when people with autos were a minority. People today who can't imagine life with out television, think an outboard motor has always been on the back of a fishing boat. Jeffery Rondengen takes you from these early days with the people who helped define summer recreation for many around the world, to the dependable, quiet, easy to use outboard of today. I was fascinated to see how the motors evolved, though at times it was like looking at an advertising brochure. It was obvious OMC was involved in the production, but what would you expect of a book about there company. I found it to be an easy read and profusely illistrated, But I found a few cases of confusion with what motors were being written about. A section about a three cylinder outboard was illistrated by a V-6, In the Outboards at War section, the 50 HP Army Storm Boat Motor was illistrated by a nine point seven, and a twenty two horse power outboard.
These minor errors aside, I enjoyed the book because it brought back memories of summer fun I had with several of the models mentioned. The pictures are great, it may help some find out just how old there Johnson, Elto, or Evinrude really is.

Evinrude/Johnson outboard shop manual, 50-235 HP, 1973-1986 by Kalton C. Lahue
No review available

Evinrude Service-Repair Handbook: 40 To 140 Hp, 1965-1982 by Eric Jorgensen
No review available

Evinrude 1 1/2 to 40 Hp#(Outboard Motor Service Manual, 7th Ed, Vol 3)
No review available

Johnson Service-Repair Handbook: 40 To 140 Hp, 1965-1983 by Brick Price
No review available

Evinrude Service-Repair Handbook: 1.5 To 35 Hp, 1965-1983 by Ray Hoy
No review available

Evinrude service--repair handbook, 1.5 to 35 hp, 1965-1983
No review available

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