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Outboard Motor Manuals and reviews

Outboard Motor Manuals for all manufacturors. Buy them here at reduced prices.

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Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair by Edwin R. Sherman, Ed Sherman
Reviewer: mchook from North Richland Hills, Texas
It is clearly not written with the intent of teaching you how to tear down and rebuild outboard motors. The editor's review clearly says that. But If you are looking for a good common sense all-round outboard motor troubleshooting guide, then this book, combined with the specific shop manual for your motor, some moderately cheap test equipment (which you may have a lot of already) and anyone with a descent mechanical aptitude will probably be able to fix 90% of all the problems they will ever encounter with an outboard motor. The other 10% I personally will leave to the pros. It will also teach you how to avoid a lot of problems in the first place which is the biggest savings when your talking outboards. I am just a hobbyist, not a mechanic and this book has already helped me get two old motors back up and running and has been well worth its price to me. The book is well organized and is easy to understand. The author keeps things simple and down to earth and isn't trying to impress anyone with a bunch of techno-jargon. Sure the text could have been larger, maybe the pictures a little better, but hey what's perfect for everyone?

The Old Outboard Book by Peter Hunn
Reviewer: Garry W. Spencer from Tampa, Florida
I grew up on a lake and so was around boats and outboards most of my life. My Dad had a book on outboards that was writen by one of his friends. When Dad died I looked for it, but could not find it. I checked with Amazon.con and was told it was out of print. They did have Peter Hunn's book however. I liked the review and bought it. When it came, I could not put it down. For anyone interested in outboards, it has a wealth of information. I found it well written and easy to follow. Mr. Hunn gives the history of the major brands and many I had never heard of. It is amply illistrated and shows a sampling of engines from almost the turn of the century through the mid '60s. If you find an old motor and want to know when it was built, it's in there. If you want to know what spark plug is recomended for your Dad's old fishing motor, it's in there. If a meighbor wants to know what his grandfather's row boat motor is worth, It has guide lines for that also. It even covers toy outboards. It has tips on where to find parts. I have started collecting now and it has become a reference that I use almost dayly. In short it will introduce you to the fasenating hobby of antique outboard collecting. If you are already a collector, this is your Bible.

The Golden Age of the Racing Outboard by Peter Hunn
Reviewer: chinewalker from Fishers Landing, New York
This book offers great reading, works as a fairly comprehensive reference material, and as always, Peter's anecdote's add much color to the names, places and dates contained. There is a nice mini-biography on Hank Bowman, and plenty of other colorful characters from the world of outboard boat racing. Lots of great information on the motors and boats, too. If you're a fan of the 1950s outboard boat racing scene, this book is a MUST have! If you're a collector of old Mercury outboards, this book is a MUST have! If the sound of a pack of Mark 20H Mercs going into the first turn sends shivvers down your spine, then this book is a MUST have! Well worth the money! Get your wife to buy it for you for Christmas!

Beautiful Outboards by Peter Hunn
Book Description
This unique collection of outboard motors highlights the aesthetic and technical qualities of these powerful machines. Each engine, selected for its historical significance, is beautifully photographed and features a discussion of its history, importance in advancing technology, collectibility, and technical attributes. Ranging from 1901 and the introduction of the first gasoline "rowboat" motors through the ingenious outboards of the 1960s, this guide covers the finest engines from Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Champion, Elto, and others.

Keep Your Outboard Motor Running: Care and Preventive Maintenance for the Boater by Richard Thiel
Book Description
These manuals will quickly become your basic survival guides for dealing with outboards and marine diesels of all shapes and sizes. Using the premise that you know (and care) little about engines or motors--as long as they provide reliable service--Thiel gives you a brief and painless overview of how they work, how to keep them trouble free, and how to prolong their lives. Thiel's maintenance program of simple routine tasks can save you hundreds of dollars and can double or triple the lifetime of your engine or motor.

Old Outboard Motor Service Manual: Covers Motors Below 30 Horsepower by Intertec
Reviewer: A reader from Oklahoma
The referenced book was purchased as I have a 1958 35 horsepower motor but lacked any servicing information. This manual is not exactly what I expected having been used automotive repair manuals available with step by step diagnosis and repair. It has a basic overview of motor design fundamentals. It also has sections for general maintenance and a somewhat vague section for troubleshooting. It covers several manufacturers and supplies individual specs for many motors. You will not be able to work on your motor by reading this book if you do not have a good working knowkledge of Outboard engines. However, it has quality information encompassing a broad number of motors. I am disappointed in the quality of the book itself. The pages are thin. The print is too small. Pages started falling out nearly immediately. It has some good exploded diagrams but they are way too small. Overall it is better than any other manual I've been able to find so far. With that in mind, I would buy it again despite its faults. --This text refers to the Paperback edition

Outboard Motor Service Manual: Service Manual/Covering Motors Below 30 Horsepower from 1969 by Intertec
Reviewer: aslocran from South California
I think that most guys would be looking in this book for specific information about specific engines. I know that I purchased the book to help me with a specific outboard problem. Not only was my specific problem addressed, but the information provided helped to lay rest to some long term nagging questions that I had been living with. Just to let you know. This book not only helped me with the problem that made me buy the book in the first place, it helped to jump start me on a couple of engines that I had been putting off for way too much time. It's nice to turn semi-dead inventory into cash. This books not only worth buying. It's worth keeping. Of course, I know that I, personally, and most of you mechanics, could have written a much better book! I guess we'll just have to get along with this one!

Complete Guide To Outboard Engines by John Fleming
Reviewer: The publisher, Bristol Fashion Publications
Mark Klossner - Mercury Marine Dealer Training Manager, Mercury University
"Bravo to John Fleming for translating the technical jargon of marine propulsion in a way that's easy for everyone to understand. His three books, Complete Guide To Outboard Engines, Complete Guide To Gasoline Marine Engines, and Complete Guide To Diesel Marine Engines are well-written, thoughtfully laid out and very informative. These should be required reading for anyone who owns, fixes or sells marine engines!"

The Outboard Boater's Handbook: Advanced Seamanship and Practical Skills by David R. Getchell (Editor)
Reviewer: An Amazon.com Customer
Plain, outspoken, wonderfully opinionated and varied accounts of the what, how and where of small craft. For this blue water sailor and sea kayaker, Getchell's book is a bible. Even a non motor head could understand, and enjoy the 'how ' of operating, buying, cruising, and sleeping on and with a small outboard under twenty feet....

A Century of Outboard Racing by Kevin Desmond
Reviewer: Kenneth Matthews from Florida
Kevin Desmond has done well to begin and end his history of outboards with electrics motors.
While Desmond focuses on exploding engines, as he must to be historically accurate, he begins with Gustave Trouve on the Seine River in Paris in 1880. Trove's 11-pound motor was placed in a boat 18 feet long. He achieved a speed of 6.7 mph. This was the first outboard motor of any kind. Toward the end of the book, Desmond writes "At the very beginning, "the world's first outboard was electric...With increasing concerns for the environment, a small and eccentric number of people have thought the impossible - that one future solution for the outboard sport would be to run again battery-electric motors."
Desmond's attractive book is a well-written and well-researched history. It would be a valuable addition to any nautical library

The Vintage Culture of Outboard Racing by Peter Hunn
Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, Illinois
This book is a valuable source of information on the people who built the sport, the races, classes, and so forth. The big names you'd expect to find like Dean Chenoweth and Hank Bowman are covered but so are many more lesser known people (both male and female) who really made the sport what it was. I found the stories about development of various clubs, the APBA, suburban stockers and cottage racers to be fascinating reading. The author even lists all the different classes as they developed. The chapters on collectibles like toys and accessories make you want to go out and start buying stuff. Overall, this is a rewarding book. It's got some material on motors but Hunn really covers those in more detail in Golden Age of Outboard Racing. Overall, a surpising approach that also has some unusual photos.

Wiring Diagrams 1956-1989: Outboard Motor and Inboard/Outdrive by Intertec Publishing (Paperback - July 1990)
No review available

The Outboard Motor Manual: A Guide to Choosing, Using & Maintaining Your Engine by Keith Henderson
Book Description
This is a complete guide to selecting, maintaining, handling, and getting most from an outboard engine.

Understanding the Outboard Motor (3rd Edition) by Eugene W. Stagner
Book Description
Reflecting the latest advances, this practical manual on outboard mechanics explains the technical theory of operation necessary to prepare for certification or re-certification tests. It empowers users with a basic understanding that will help them troubleshoot and repair quickly and with confidence. Chapter topics include the general use and maintenance of outboard motors, two-stroke and four-stroke operation, two-stroke and four-stroke powerhead, electricity /electronics for the technician, the marine battery, starter system, alternator charging system, ignition systems, fuel system operation, tune-up, midsection/lower unit, trim and tilt system, propeller performance, and boat performance problems. For outboard mechanics, boat owners, and marine dealerships.

The Outboard Motor Handbook by Peter Hunn
Book Description
Enthusiasts of vintage outboard motors fall into two categories. First, there is the tinkerer or sportsperson who buys an old motor at a yard sale with an eye on restoring and actually using it. Second, there is the enthusiast who performs a complete, authentic restoration for the pure satisfaction of returning a vintage piece of machinery to its original condition. Often this second motor will become a static display, taken out for the occasional boat show.
This how-to book caters to both groups by presenting case studies covering five of the most typical motor types: an antique 1922 Johnson Waterbug, a classic 1955 Evinrude Sportwin 10, an air-cooled bargain 1957 Comanco, a late-model 3.9hp single 1964 Mercury, and a 1950s electric Minn-Kota. The case studies discuss principles applicable to all vintage outboards and are preceded by chapters explaining how to choose an older motor, anatomy and mechanics, and equipping a shop. Following the case studies, the author addresses routine maintenance and usage, including troubleshooting tips and model-specific characteristics.

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