2005 Sea-Doo models

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2005 Seadoo RXP

The 2005 Seadoos are available, and they've made a few changes this year. The XP-DI and GTI LE have been discontinued, but there are still 11 models with the new RXT and 3D Base being added to the lineup.

The RXT is almost identical to the GTX Limited, the only real differences I noticed are different colors and it doesn't come with the GPS or some options, it's only 6 pounds lighter. The height, length and width are identical but the RXT is listed with a Semi-V hull while the GTX has a Modified-V.

The 4-TEC 4 stroke engine is now in 6 models, only the 3D and the GTI models are 2 stroke. The 951cc 2 stroke is no longer offered. Fuel injection is almost standard with SeaDoo, the sole model with a carburator is the GTI. The 3D models, the GTI LE and GTI RFI are throttle body fuel injection. The Direct Injection like the XP DI had is no longer offered with the 2 stroke engines.

The 215 hp 4 stroke supercharged with intake cooler engine is now in 3 models, RXT, RXP, GTX Limited. The GTX SC is supercharged but not intercooled with 185 hp, the GTX and Wake have the 155 hp version. The 4 cycle engines all have a closed loop cooling system, using the aluminum ride plate for a radiator. The 2 stroke engines still use an open cooling system.

The 3D models are now the only SeaDoos without reverse. Two 3D's this year, the 3D and the 3D Base, but with available options there are 5 configurations, KART, MOTO, VERT, KNEE and SHOQ. The 3D has a variable trim system while the 3D Base does not, both have the 110 hp 782cc fuel injected engine. New options for 2005 are the knee-pad seat and a shock absorber support for the handlebars.

The three GTI models are all 2 cycle engines. The GTI LE and the GTI RFI have the 782cc 110 hp engine with fuel injection, while the GTI has the 718cc 85 hp engine with a single carburator, the only Seadoo without fuel injection. The LE is the only GTI with a speedometer, and it also has a 16 function LCD info center, reboarding step, footwell carpets, and mirrors.

Only the RXP and the 3D have a variable trim system (not the 3D Base). The Seadoo Learning Key, a special ignition key that limits the rpm for beginners, is standard on all the 4 stroke models.

Select model below for more details.
2005 Seadoo 3D, MSRP $7,299 2005 Seadoo 3D
2005 Seadoo RXT, MSRP $11,299 2005 Seadoo RXT
2005 Seadoo RXP, MSRP $10,599 2005 Seadoo RXP
2005 Seadoo Wake, MRSP $10,299 2005 Seadoo Wake
2005 Seadoo GTX Limited, MSRP $12,999 2005 SeaDoo GTX Limited
2005 Seadoo GTX Supercharged, MSRP $10,599
2005 Seadoo GTX, MSRP $9,599
2005 Seadoo GTI LE, MSRP $8,299
Pictures coming soon
2005 Seadoo GTI RFI, MSRP $7,299
Pictures coming soon
2005 Seadoo GTI, MSRP $6,299 2004 Seadoo GTI

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