2005 Yamaha WaveRunners

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2005 Yamaha FX Waverunner

2005 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner

FX Cruiser
2004 Yamaha FX Cruiser Waverunner

FX Cruiser HO
2005 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO Waverunner

FX Cruiser HO
2005 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO Waverunner

2005 Yamaha GP1300R Waverunner

2005 Yamaha GP800R Waverunner

2005 Yamaha Superjet Waverunner

VX110 Deluxe
2005 Yamaha VX110 Waverunner

VX110 Sport
2005 Yamaha VX110 Sport Waverunner

2005 Yamaha XLT1200 Waverunner

Here's some pics of the 2005 Yamaha WaveRunners. New seats on the new FX Cruisers, Scott says they're like being welded to the seat. The VX110 is an economy 4 stroke, 110 hp 4 cylinder engine and just a little over 10 feet long. The VX110 Sport is under $7,000, and the Deluxe under $8,000!

The GP1300R has had the horsepower upped to 170 and is the only 2 stroke available in California, the GP800R is still 120 hp, and the 700 engine is only in the Superjet. The XLT800 is no longer available. Manufacturors continue to drop the 2 cycle engines.

Click on the pictures for the specifications!

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