Brand new 2003 Honda R-12X Turbo, on sale at $8,899, Sold out

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2003 Hondas 165 hp R-12X Turbo 125 hp F-12 165 hp F-12X Turbo
2003 Honda R-12X Turbo

2003 Honda R-12X Turbo, instrument panel

2003 Honda R-12X Turbo, glove box

2003 Honda R-12X Turbo, forward storage

2003 Honda R-12X Turbo, four stroke turbocharged engine

2003 Honda R-12X Turbo charger

All 2003 Hondas have been sold.

  • 165 hp 4 stroke fuel injected DOHC turbocharged counter balanced engine, what more can you say?
  • Weighing only 746 pounds, this 2 seater has all you want.
  • 5.2 gallon forward storage bin is a removable tray with drain plug you can use as a cooler
  • .6 gallon glove box
  • Removable engine access panels
  • Off throttle steering system really helps
  • Electronic keyless ignition system, enter a code instead of a key
  • Selectable limit mode to keep the power down for inexperienced riders
  • Reverse
  • Large rear deck for easy boarding
  • Race inspired trim system uses a lever on the left handlebar to change the nozzle position instantly.
  • Dashboard has mph and tach, clock, travel time and distance, fuel gauge and idiot lights.
  • Engine flushing connection. No special fitting, just use a common 3/4 inch hose with the end cut off.

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