2004 Honda F12, $8,999, Sold out

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2004 Honda F12X Aquatrax

The 2004 Honda F12 has arrived, here they are on the truck ready to be unloaded. I'll get more pics next week.

  • The 3 seater with 125 hp, large storage up front but only room for the tool kit and fire extinquisher in the rear. Truly large glove box. Two piece seat. Two color choices for 2004, red, white and black or silver, white and black, both with white hull.
  • Reverse and off throttle steering assist.
  • Length 125.9 inches
  • Weight 745 pounds
  • 1235cc 4 stroke 125 hp engine
  • DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Storage 25.6 gallons
  • Fuel 16.6 gallons
  • Removable engine access panels
  • Electronic keyless ignition system, enter a code instead of a key
  • Selectable limit mode to keep the power down for inexperienced riders
  • Dashboard has mph and tach, clock, travel time and distance, fuel gauge and idiot lights.
  • Engine flushing connection. No special fitting, just use a common 3/4 inch hose with the end cut off.

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