1/29/05, NEW 2004 Seadoo 3D, Kingsland, Texas, on sale at $6,500, sold 6/18/05

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2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 Seadoo 3D

2004 SeaDoo 3D

  • The new 3D from Sea-Doo is unique. You can stand up, you can use the small seat that allows you to ride more like a motorcycle, or you can sit down with a back rest style seat. More power than any standup with 110 horsepower, but it weighs 598 pounds dry weight! Ed thinks they are using the XP hull, and the length and width are very close to the XP, just a tenth of an inch shorter and a half an inch narrower, which could caused by a smaller rub rail. The three modes of operation are called Kart, Moto, and Vert. The specs show the same weight for the Moto and Vert modes because the Vert seat fits under the handlebar pole when you want to use it like a standup. The seat does not have a shock absorber. No instruments keeps the handlebars uncluttered. Available now.

  • Length 107.0 in
  • Width 44.0 in


  • Kart 37.75 in
  • Moto 44.25 in
  • Vert 36.25 in


  • Kart 603 pounds
  • Moto 589 pounds
  • Vert 589 pounds
  • Capacity 1 rider, weight limit not given
  • Fuel 8.5 gallons
  • Oil 1.0 gallon
  • Storage 1.42 gallons


  • Two stroke two cylinder Rotax fuel injection
  • Bore 82 mm, stroke 74 mm
  • 110 horsepower 782 cc
  • 6:1 compression
  • Variable rate oil injection
  • Stainless stell impeller, single stage
  • Color Black/Bombay Yellow

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